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May 07, 2024

6 Best Standing Desk and Laptop Stand Deals

Eric Ravenscraft Sitting for eight hours a day isn't doing your back (and body) any favors. A standing desk isn't going to solve your problems, but it might give you the incentive to move around a

Eric Ravenscraft

Sitting for eight hours a day isn't doing your back (and body) any favors. A standing desk isn't going to solve your problems, but it might give you the incentive to move around a little more during the day. Good news: Some of our favorite standing desks and laptop stands are on sale.

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Flexispot EN1

The Flexispot EN1 is our favorite budget standing desk. It normally sells for around $300, but it's currently on sale on Amazon, and you can get an additional $20 off if you clip the on-page coupon for a total price of $210 (for the 40 X 24-inch model). If you want a bigger desktop, the 48-inch x 30-inch EN1 is also on sale for $250 after you clip the on-page coupon. The Flexispot EN1 can carry up to 154 pounds, giving you enough capacity and space for monitors (on stands or mounted), keyboards, lamps, and whatever other desk accessories you need. Electric motors let you lift the desk up to a standing height or lower it back down to a sitting position with minimal effort—it can be adjusted anywhere from 28 inches to 48 inches off the ground. It's not too loud nor painfully slow when the motors are engaged. There are three presets so you can save your preferred heights instead of finagling with the up and down arrows all the time.

Where the Flexispot EN1 cuts costs to hit this low price is the desktop. It's made of chipboard instead of bamboo like on pricier standing desks. It doesn't feel cheap though, and it has held up pretty well after three years of use. The installation isn't as breezy as we'd have liked. You might need to use a drill to affix some components to the desktop, and Flexispot doesn't include one in the box.

We haven't tested this one yet, but it's a little bit bigger and much cheaper. On Amazon, you can clip the on-page coupon to bring the price down by $70. However, once you've added the EC1 to your cart, you can enter promo code 17D4ZZ6S at checkout to take an additional $43 off. The EC1 has a simpler up-and-down controller that doesn't store multiple height presets like the EN1. It still uses an electric motor to do the lifting, so as long as you don't mind manual adjustment, it should do the job.

This deal is for Prime members only. If you don't have space for a large motorized standing desk, consider Flexispot's Adjustable Table With Wheels. Because the leg of the desk is on a side, you can push it under a bedframe or couch to use it comfortably while lounging about. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu has been using one for nearly a year with no issues. You adjust the height manually via a pedal on the underside of the desktop, and the wheels make it easy to roll it from room to room.

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Obvus Laptop Tower Stand

You don't need to raise your entire desk to fix your posture. You can also try this laptop tower that lifts your computer higher without moving your desk. This is our favorite laptop tower stand for most people thanks to its lightweight construction and the ability to position it easily in a variety of heights.

Another of our favorite laptop stands, this model from Moft can be adjusted to multiple heights as well. Better yet, it's portable so you can take that flexibility with you to the coffee house, airplane, or your buddy's couch.

You can put your laptop on this stand and it elevates it by 18 degrees, but that's not much, which is why we prefer it for tablets. It can elevate an iPad to a more suitable angle for drawing or reading.

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