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Aug 30, 2023

Best foldable laptop stands 2023: Adjustable for the perfect desk setup

Bad posture, be gone e've all seen the images that predict exactly how our spines will look in years to come, after spending far too long hunched over laptop screens at the office or with our heads

Bad posture, be gone

e've all seen the images that predict exactly how our spines will look in years to come, after spending far too long hunched over laptop screens at the office or with our heads down staring at our phones.

To some extent, if you work a sedentary job or spend a lot of time with a screen on your lap, it's inevitable. But the best way to ease your spine and posture so future you isn't in quite so much pain is to invest in the right office equipment swiftly.

And the easiest tool to relieve you of that future aches? A foldable laptop stand. Foldable so you're free to carry it around from your home office to your workplace without any excuses of it taking up too much room in your bag. And foldable so, even if you're working in a small room or with limited space, you'll still feel comfortable pulling it out before getting started for the day.

You'll want to keep in mind a few factors before investing in a foldable laptop stand, including the following:

We've rounded up all of the best foldable laptop stands.

While this foldable laptop stand may look a little robot-like at a first glance, it’s actually one of the most durable models and comes with a few extra features. The best part? The cooling stand which, if you’re someone who regularly balances a laptop on a cushion or another cosy position and struggles with overheating problems, you’ll definitely appreciate the upgrade.

The Lavolta Laptop Table Desk is a robust yet silent portable stand with two hydro bearing fans powered by a USB port. It’s compact, foldable and easy to carry and is suitable for 7”-15” laptops.

Sometimes you don’t need the fancy version of a product - you just need to get the job done. And if you’re looking for an all-rounder that does the job without any of the unnecessary parts, this Amazon Basics Aluminium Foldable Laptop Stand is just the ticket. One of the most budget friendly versions around, it comes in black or silver and suits laptops up to 38 cm (15”) with 18-degree tilt and 7.5 cm lift.

Another foldable laptop stand that’s perfect for longer working days, this Trust GXT1125 QUNO Laptop Cooling Stand looks like it could double as a turntable and comes with all the necessary elements for a seamless working experience.

A great investment for long days when you don’t need to fuss around with those whirring noises every time you open a new tab, this foldable stand features five fans and fits every laptop up to 17.3”. It can also be adjusted with five different levels.

If you often switch between a laptop and a tablet, you’ll want a versatile stand that’s suitable for both products without any slippage in sight. This Proper AV Foldable Laptop Stand and Tablet Riser is one of the most budget-friendly foldable laptop stands, has a simple classic design and is lightweight and portable.

The variable height position is particularly useful when using your laptop as a second screen and the maximum height position on this stand has been engineered to allow you to have your laptop screen in an almost vertical position.

If you’re looking for something sleek and simple to accompany you from desk to bed, this Argos Home Portable Laptop Tray is a great shout. Designed to sit comfortably on your lap, it has adjustable metal legs and a tilting top, so you can set it up to suit you.

There’s even an extra space at the side so you can rest a notepad or all-important coffee. It also folds up and tidies away easily so you can transition from work time to chill time.

This foldable laptop stand doubles as a standing desk, thanks to its well-balanced and supportive structure. The ProperAV Slim Profile Stand Up Desk Workstation makes it really easy to swap between sitting and standing: Simply squeeze the handles and pull up to your desired height with the aid of a gas spring strut.

The non-skid silicone pads will also protect your work surface from scratches or scuffs, while the steel construction of the base provides solid, long-lasting performance at any height.

With seven adjustable layers and a ventilated design, this BONTEC Portable Laptop Stand makes working from multiple levels a breeze and is easy to set up and move around.

Its ergonomic design allows you to raise laptop screen height flexibly from 7.5cm to 17cm and quickly adjust the angle at 17°, 26°, 33°, 39°, 44°, 48° and 50°. The result? A helping hand, letting you correct your posture and reduce neck, back and eye fatigue while improving working efficiency.

Not all foldable laptop stands come in metal or black and white options. If you’re looking for a version with a few more hygge vibes (or working from bed vibes), this Falkel Design Laptop Stand is a brilliant choice that’s versatile enough to be placed anywhere.

It also doubles as a bed tray, meaning you can easily switch out your laptop and replace it with a glass of wine or a plate of nibbles. Made of real wood, this is a durable and foldable laptop stand that fits in perfectly with the rest of your homeware.

This Folding Laptop Bed Tray works a little differently from the norm. While it’s still one you’re free to carry from your home office to your real office, it’s designed more so as an extra element to your desk. Great for adjusting the angle of your laptop and offering handy space either side for a mouse and/or mug, this light wooden laptop stand elevates your home working set up a little more than the usual.

The BJÖRKÅSEN Laptop stand is another that somewhat twists the definition of a foldable laptop stand. Sure, this might not be one you’d want to take on the tube. But if you’re firmly in the work from home camp and want to upgrade your experience easily, this foldable option ticks the boxes. It’s easy to adjust the height, tilt the top and move around in the home. You can then fold for storage.


The Lavolta Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad isn't just a laptop stand: it also cools down your laptop and can work as a form of standing desk if you're so inclined. It's also one of the more budget friendly options out there.

What should you look out for in a foldable laptop stand?Portability - Adjustable height - Compatibility - Stability - Other elements - VerdictLavolta Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad